We started  XPLORA with one mission, start a journey through places not so familiar to the common traveler. Each journey will make a different story where these hidden gems are put together with some well-known pearls and they will form a different XPLORA journey. Each tour is a journey that combines cities with nature, larger cities, with towns that allow us to know in depth the lay of the land making it closer to our knowledge and not a postcard or the image prior to the trip. Routes that aim to combine a quantity of knowledge in the place, historical, geographical, political, gastronomy, etc.

We are aware that traveling through places is more than simply looking, we need to perceive, taste their meals, stay in their characteristic establishments. It is also relaxing after a long day of walking with a typical drink. We dare to undertake an adventure with other people who, like us, are looking for something different. We propose small groups, to be able to travel as a family, and also have the experience of meeting other people. It is to venture to travel today, without waiting for our friends, to take the jump, or to take them on the trip with us. It is to propose to your partner something different, more friendly, to know the world.

We are architects, tireless travelers, with some tours of the world above, culinary specialists. Blood runs through our veins from many places, we've lived with people from other countries, we've studied languages ​​in other countries. We teach architecture, urban planning, and landscape classes.

And above all, we love to travel and travel with other people to accompany the process of learning through traveling and keep learning ourselves. Because traveling is real learning, a very difficult experience to transmit without living it.


"... to travel is to live" H.C. ANDERSEN