We start in Zagreb, capital of Croatia, which is located on the hinge between the Adriatic coast and central Europe. A special place for those who like to walk through medieval streets, and even have more cosmopolitan centers, monumental buildings, churches, and unique cuisine. A market that opens every day offering the most varied things and entire streets dedicated to cafes.

From there we will depart to BANJA LUKA, thus entering BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA, where the war here becomes more visible which gives a patina of contemporaneity to the conflict of the Balkans as perhaps nowhere else. From there we will visit  SARAJEVO,  a city of great religious diversity, where Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox, and Jews have lived together for centuries. Site of fundamental historical events, such as the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that started the First World War, a city heavily besieged in the Second World War, and place of the SARAJEVO sieged by the former Yugoslavia between 1992 and 1996. Military history does not do more than add to an incredible city in its diversity and intrigue at the time of visiting it. We leave Sarajevo to reach KOTOR, in Montenegro, another of the new countries (2006), it is the first place where we touch the Dalmatian coast, in a city fortified by Justinian and like all the rest of the cities of this coast of incredible beauty. Stone, sand, and water conceive a perfect mixture to take us to the different points that we will touch off the coast. Small fortified cities along with the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea: DUBROVNIK | SPLIT | ZADAR | BAŠKA. Places that have smitten and attracted filmmakers and have been locations of countless films and series, from ORSON WELLS to GEORGE R.R. MARTIN from GAME OF THRONES. After enjoying the coast we will end with another spectacle of nature that Croatia offers us, the PLITVICE lakes and its incredible waterfalls immersed in an exceptional park. Our trip ends returning to ZAGREB. A highly recommended tour for an XPLORA traveler.


price U$S 2500 (two people per bedroom)*






accompanied guidance throughout the whole itinerary (English/Spanish/French)


does NOT include**:


_health insurance or travel insurance

_some museums entries

_public transportation if needed 


*the price is for people sharing a room, you can make other requests 

**we can offer you flights, health insurance, and travel insurance, it is upon request.